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Cryptocurrencies facilitate the fast and effective flow of funds, are expected to have a major impact on global businesses. Many of them  are now using cryptocurrencies as part of their day-to-day trading activities.

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Born in 2008 during the financial crisis, Blockchain is the underlying technology mainly with the Bitcoin, a type of distributed ledger made up of immutabledigital, public datasets, which has the potential to transform all sorts of business transactionsrelationships and contracts 

Today, financial services and banks take advantage in investing in cryptocurrency due to its flexbility in supply chain mainly. 

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Blockchain and Crowdfunding

This technology is perfectly aligned with modern crowdfunding methods and helps you take advantage of the technology’s huge potential and disruptive impact, while avoiding falling foul of ever-developing legal and regulatory requirements : cryptocurrency investment resulting in assets increase, seamless digital management and enhanced security.

Cryptocurrency popularity has served many crowdfunding platforms. Among the advantages : significant business benefits due to the diversity of usage, greater transparency, traceability improvement, efficiency and speed of transactions increase, and costs reduction.


Smart contracts

A smart contract is a transaction protocol which is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.

Blockchain technology increases investors trust in crowdfunding so does the offer.


Smart Contracts advantages :

Smart Contracts live on a shared database, which is blockchain. All parties have a copy

Reduce significantly or  eliminate the need for litigation and courts.

The self-executing nature of these contracts makes them better suited to some industries over others, like banking stands to benefit from adopting this technology. If a crowdfunding platform ends, a smart-contract keeps on maintaining the relationship between the investor and the project initiator.

Core of new Technologies

As things are progressing we discover more and more insights about how game-changing this technology really is. Smart Contract technology might be only in an early stage of development, but don’t wait to try it as it might be too late.

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