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We provide end-to-end strategic legal solutions, tech, innovation, and general commercial advice not only to start-ups and businesses but also for individuals and their assets

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We support Businesses and individuals in
resolving conflict, safeguarding their futures
and maximising opportunities and assets

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Banking and Finance


Commercial Dispute and resolution

Construction and Infrastructure


Corporate Tax

Data Protection and Privacy



Intellectual Property

International Trade

IT and Telecom

Marine, Trade and Energy


Real Estate

Regulatory Compliance

Restructuring and involvency


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Medical negligence

Insurance claims

Court of protection and deputyships


Real Estate

Family Law

Accident claims


Personal injury

Private client and tax

Residential Property and conveyancing

lawyers paris

Running a business can be challenging, particularly when dealing with suppliers, distributors and other businesses.

Getting legal advice and services from an English-speaking lawyer with experience of the local law and how this will affect you and your business is essential when undertaking business overseas.

Instructing a reliable independent international lawyer to protect your interests before any formal steps are taken in your overseas legal matter can save you time and money.


Our commitment

We create solutions and opportunities using technology, products and services that solve issues by protecting our clients.

When you come to #Avocats you come to a reputable national law firm with a broad experience in International laws for businesses and individuals.

A wide-range of trustful partners to help your business grow

We’ve got a wide range of partners that provide a huge range of services and diversity especially in fundraising from Business angels to Blockchain.

We are a law firm that you can trust

We strive to always provide you with the best possible service in a careful, considerate, and comprehensive manner, ensuring that you are informed and updated throughout your dealings with us whatever the scale or complexity of your case.

A question?

Contact us now. Our team is really pro active and we aim to deliver a quick and sharp answer to any question you may have.



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Our lawyers specialise in many areas relevant to you and your family or business, offering comprehensive guidance geared to achieving your personal goals.

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